A Magic Proposal

With the demise of the 2019/20 Elite League season due to the on-going Coronavirus outbreak, thoughts around the league have turned to the off-season, which could bring with it a trepidation for some clubs. It has been confirmed on many occasions that the EIHL Grand Final Playoff Weekend is a money spinner that helps to … Continue reading A Magic Proposal

The Panthers Send Their Regards/Should We Be Playing?

A familiar cloud of mist and rain started to roll slowly over Cave Hill, cloaking Adam Snow as he surveyed the kingdom he fought so hard to win only one year ago. Threats were coming from all over the realm. To the south, the Cardiff Targaryens were rampaging through all who stood before them. To … Continue reading The Panthers Send Their Regards/Should We Be Playing?

“Exclusive: Nolan To Run DoPS”

First off, Giants fans. It's still not Owen Nolan. But after extensive investigations, FC Hockey Media can exclusively reveal that Stephen Nolan has been appointed to the position of head official at the EIHL's Department of Player Safety. After hearing Nolan's "discussions" on fighting in ice hockey, DoPS felt that he was the natural choice … Continue reading “Exclusive: Nolan To Run DoPS”